[Marble-devel] FileManager: simplify API

Konrad Enzensberger e.konrad at mpegcode.com
Sat Jan 19 15:38:47 UTC 2013

Reading kml files with png files included. is it supported?Hello Thibaut,

you made a change to FileManager:
FileManager: simplify API
    The goal is that:
    - FileManager takes responsibility of the given fileName "key".
    - FileLoader does search for an actual file on disk and launches parsing
    - GeoDataDocument knows of the actual file (and path) on disk.

I have a question about your modifications:
>From FileManager::appendLoader(..) you removed this signal/slot connection:
connect( loader, SIGNAL( newGeoDataDocumentAdded( GeoDataDocument* ) ),
this, SLOT( addGeoDataDocument( GeoDataDocument* ) ) );

Additional you removed the FileManager::addGeoDataDocument(...) slot.
But in FileLoader::run() , the FileLoader emits the signal newGeoDataDocumentAdded() ,
which now is not connected to any other slot.

In my app is need this signal/slot connection when loading kml files, is there a special reason
for removing this ?

br, konrad
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