[Marble-devel] marble plugin capabilities

David Delbecq david.delbecq at meteo.be
Tue May 29 07:54:33 UTC 2012


looking for librairies and tool for a future developpment, i found your marble QT component. I would like to ask this mailing list a few question that would help my decision process, if you don't mind. 

- Our application must let user "Draw" on the map. Is it possible to attach to the mouse event of your component so that when in "create" or "edit" mode (our menu), we move around or create new object that are immediately visible on marble 
- We plan to store data in kml file, with additionnal information in a <ExtendedData> + custom xml namespace. Does marble provide a way to expose this information to our application / let our application create or edit those, or will we have to handle ourself the load / save process of our kml files? 
- Can the component be used "off screen" for pure rendering work (generate pictures out of kml files) ? 
- Is there a qt-jambi version of the librairy? 
- Is there some "benchmark" application based on marble that would help us decide of computers we plan to use are fast enough to render marble datas? 

Thank you, 

David Delbecq 

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