[Marble-devel] Could not find a way to build marble-touch for x86 linux

Anton Chernov chernov.anton.mail at gmail.com
Mon May 21 18:46:06 UTC 2012

Hello everybody.

I have some experience to build Marble and libmarble from sources, but
when I try to build marble-touch and QML component from current git
master some problems are happen. doing
When build is succesfully finished I do "make install" under root login.
The marble and marble-touch are installed in /usr/local/bin
When I start /usr/local/bin/marble-touch, I got the message in console:

qrc:/main.qml:12:1: module "com.nokia.meego" is not installed

and application does not show the window. What am I doing wrong?
qt 4.8.1, qtmobility and QtQuick are installed in system. KDE 4.8.2 is used.

Are there any documentations or wiki pages about marble-touch? Could
you point me.

Great thanks for your product.

Best wishes,
Anton Chernov

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