[Marble-devel] Coordinate System of GeoPainter, GeoDataCoordinates and similar

Arne Krüger arne.krueger at tu-braunschweig.de
Mon May 14 17:57:31 UTC 2012


I am fairly new to Marble and wondering which coordinate system is used 
by classes such as GeoPainter and GeoDataCoordinates and how this 
relates to different map projections. I probably will mostly use 
OpenStreetMap which - as far as I know - uses a Mercator-On-Sphere 
projection just like Google and Bing. However, since my application 
requires drawing WG84 data onto the map I wonder whether I need to 
transform my GPS coordinates before passing them to the Marble classes.

Thanks for hints and clarifications.


PS: I would highly appreciate a link to the API documentation on the 
main project page, since the latter has a rather prominent google search 
ranking, which the former is sadly lacking.

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