[Marble-devel] Compilation on mac

Joan aseques at gmail.com
Sat May 12 13:25:27 UTC 2012

Hi, I am compiling marble on mac osx lion, and just found that marble set
the arhitecture to i386, since snow leopard, the default is x86_64, and by
forcing it to use i386, marble cannot link the my existant qt install.
I created a small patch for CMakeLists.txt that unless the user wills to
compile on universal (i386,ppc), the arch is just left as the default (that
would be x86_64 on lion)

Also the users can change from on to another so IMHO it's better to leave
the default behaviour.

NOTE: I tried to paste the patch in reviewboard, but I get a 403 error when
trying to register with my kde user..
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