[Marble-devel] Review Request: Generate list of supported file types in file open dialog rather than hardcode it

Bernhard Beschow bbeschow at cs.tu-berlin.de
Thu May 10 18:07:48 UTC 2012

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Review request for Marble.


Having the list of supported file types generated avoids having to update the hardcoded lists in the source code. In addition, it allows 3rd-party developers to add parsing plugins w/o having to touch Marble code.

Unfortunately, there is one caveat: When loading one of Marbles .cache files, the contained placemarks are sometimes not shown. This is probably the reason why the .cache format is currently not listed as a supported format.

According to idis, the placemarks are not shown for the following reason: A typical map theme causes all available .cache files to be loaded such thath the placemarks are available in the search database. Some map themes, e.g. OSM, disable the visibility of the containded placemarks when they are not strictly needed. As a result, even loading a .cache file manually does not seem to "work" in these cases.

In order to work around this, and in order to preserve the current behavior, I've "internalized" the .cache file plugin into libmarblewidget. It could be turned into a "real" plugin again once we solve the above issue. Meanwhile, the .cache file format could be considered "internal" to Marble.

What do you think?


  src/QtMainWindow.cpp 7552eb56856d114bb86eb6605c435d58e35cfeab 
  src/lib/CMakeLists.txt 21ddad432df3e399807cf4457812abfc48d37f91 
  src/lib/CachePlugin.h PRE-CREATION 
  src/lib/CachePlugin.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  src/lib/CacheRunner.h PRE-CREATION 
  src/lib/CacheRunner.cpp PRE-CREATION 
  src/lib/MarbleRunnerManager.cpp c74e108f674b975ed651a83db5eaa25e655a6869 
  src/marble_part.cpp d6613a7a834a05bf1130c622e0c13b55be996611 
  src/plugins/runner/CMakeLists.txt 4ab295aedd6ff6fa217818fb9d6c3b5135595c35 
  src/plugins/runner/cache/CMakeLists.txt ed1760a62197636bf37fa1af6eafe25913bf8a4a 
  src/plugins/runner/cache/CachePlugin.h 4dfe44b7534519b81c530c4b98c08a1bab706daa 
  src/plugins/runner/cache/CachePlugin.cpp cb2c84cbe540e87909c1e39fe002cdd3ba674df0 
  src/plugins/runner/cache/CacheRunner.h 6cc6710a9c1e287e9b739899925306a9fc0fc68d 
  src/plugins/runner/cache/CacheRunner.cpp a1d414782e180decc93501d438974e47759388ca 

Diff: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/104905/diff/


Seems to work under Qt-only/Linux, KDE/Linux, Qt-only/Windows. In the latter case (under wine), the file extensions are shown.


Bernhard Beschow

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