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Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo.org
Thu May 3 09:17:00 UTC 2012

Hi Steffen,

Am 03.05.2012 07:55, schrieb Steffen.Roeber at hella.com:
> Hi,
> is there any way in marble (C++ API) to get parameters like speed 
> limits or number of lanes at a specific geo coordinate?

Currently not. We're working in that direction though while extending 
our support for vector rendering of OpenStreetMap information, see e.g. [1].

At work I'm extracting speed limits from OSM in a C++ application based 
on libosmscout [2] and some map matching algorithm. Note that implicit 
speed limits need special treatment, e.g. [3].


[2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Libosmscout

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