[Marble-devel] Improve OSX build process: build a marble framework

Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Tue Jun 19 15:00:35 UTC 2012

Hi Kathrin,

Are you sure you sent the right patch? :-)

The patch I see mostly just contains changes from Bernhard. Did you maybe 
attach the wrong patch?

Of course the Marble team is always very happy about all kind of patches that 
make our Marble a better place. So please resend it :-)
Or even better: add the patch to 


Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,


On Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012 14:49:05 Kathrin Geilmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I managed to get the marble library build as an OSX Framework. I attached a
> patch against the current master branch.
> What does it do?
> 0) Nothing if not build as QTONLY on OSX.
> 1) Build libmarblewidget as osx framework. The framework gets installed
> with make install at FRAMEWORK_INSTALL_DIR (/Library/Frameworks by
> default) 2) Include plugins, data and header files in the framework. The
> search path for the directories changed to framework-bundle, then
> app-bundle, then the standard locations (this removes the ugly path magick
> from MarbleDirs) 3) Build marble.app bundle linked against the framework.
> The resulting app can be freely moved on disk (the old app bundle could be
> run in /Applications/ only.) 4) Fix an annoying cmake warning about the
> bundle destination.
> 5) Fixes Bug 299029
> What could be better?
> 1) the framework could be include the app bundle, such that marble.app runs
> on all machines with qt installed (or even include qt, then it could run
> everywhere). I suggest to modify the scripts which build the disk image to
> do it (there are some scripts, doing similar things, but they look unused,
> so I didn't touch them.) 2) In order to make the designer plugins work,
> you have to install the framework in one of the standard framework
> locations, but this is not checked. 3) I would like to see the framework
> using the RESOURCE property, this would allow to get the complete
> framework during make. Currently data and plugins get copied into the
> framework during make install.
> I tested the patch on
> a) OSX 10.6.8, cmake 2.8.7, Qt 4.7.4, 64bit machine, QTONLY build
> b) Ubuntu 04.12, cmake 2.8.7, Qt 4.8.1, KDE 4.8.3, (All installed from
> ubuntu packages), QTOnly and KDE builds. -> No changes found as expected.
> Feel free to use, change or ignore the patch,
> Kathrin

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