[Marble-devel] Using Open Street Map with proxies

Jens-Michael Hoffmann jmho at jmho.de
Fri Jun 15 18:55:19 UTC 2012

Am Freitag, 15. Juni 2012, 19:59:58 schrieb Amit Chaudhuri:
> Hi all,
> returning to this with more information.  (last messages were in Vol 57,
> issue 23).
> I can see compass, scalebar and overview map, so plugins appear to be
> found.
> A call to download maps from the main menus allowed me to download a grainy
> public transport map from kde.org.  I have zoomed it in to 436km and it is
> trying to download something (at a rate of ~ 1-2% per minute according to
> the little pie chart).  However, when it eventually gets to 100% there is
> no sign of new tiles in earth/public-transport.  There is a 0/0
> sub-directory pair and the legend dir.
> I have left the proxy settings in marble blank as I appear to be able to
> browse fairly freely with my current settings from IE.  If I look at LAN
> settings in the browser those have "Use proxy server for you LAN"
> unchecked.  But there is an entry pointing to Use of an "automatic
> configuration script".  The company url that points to includes
> "default.pac" as a target - presumably the script on an internal server.  I
> don't know what this does.

I'd suggest to look at the script with an text editor. You can then easily see 
the ip address and port number of your proxy.

kind regards,

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