[Marble-devel] Python bindings for Marble

Simon Edwards simon at simonzone.com
Mon Jan 30 19:04:18 UTC 2012


On 01/30/2012 05:04 AM, heathmatlock wrote:
> Hi, the there is now a marble object in the PyKDE4 module thanks to
> the efforts of Simon Edwards. You have to compile marble with the
> -DEXPERIMENTAL_PYTHON_BINDINGS=TRUE flag to get it, however, I'm not
> having any luck getting it to work as described here:
> http://python.6.n6.nabble.com/Importing-marble-fails-td4345372.html
> Earlier today I spoke with Dennis Nienhüser in #marble, and he
> compiled with this flag and was also presented with an import error.
> Anyone have some ideas on what might be wrong?

It probably is something path and install path located. I test it by 
building a separate python and installing that into my home dirt, then I 
build and install SIP, PyQt, PyKDE and then Marble. When cmake is 
running it is a good idea to have a look at where it thinks the Python 
exe and library .so is located. (You can be explicit about this too:
cmakekde -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/home/sbe/devel/kdesvninstall/bin/python3 

Other than that, try again, keep the whole build log and send it to me 
if it goes wrong. Also say which versions of SIP, PyQt etc you are using.


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