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Paul Nader paul.nader at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 20:25:01 UTC 2012

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Review request for Marble, Dennis Nienhüser and Thibaut Gridel.


This patch enables interaction between marble layers. Currently each LayerInterface rendered through LayerManager is independent of each other. It is currently not possible to control the rendering of objects in a layer based on the visible placemarks of layers below it. (eg., a user of the library creates a new layer similar to PlacemarkLayer but wishes to ensure that the labels for its visible placemarks do not overlap with labels of placemarks drawn in a layer below it. Nor is it possible to affect the rendering of a layer below the current layer (eg., disallow the rendering of any placemarks below the placemark in the current layer).

This patch allows a layer to see the visible placemarks for all layers already rendered and to modify the lower layers visible items:

- Added a new parameter to LayoutInterface::render which contains a vector of all previous LayerInterfaces already rendered.
- Added a VisiblePlacemarks vector member to LayerInterface (with getter/setter)
- Added a paint method to LayerInterface. Layers wishing to cooperate should compose/create their visible placemarks in the render method (but not paint them) using the new vector container added to LayerInterface. The visible placemarks are then drawn in the paint method.
- Modified LayerManager to pass a vector of previous layers when calling render and to loop through the layers calling the paint method after that.

This patch is crude (I admit) but its a start nonetheless. I am more trying to get feedback/ideas here rather than pushing for the patch to be incorporated...

The screenshow shows an application of its use. Here there is a user placemark layer used to draw the nodes of a network. This ensures the nodes are always above the marble city placemarks. A second use layer draws the links below the nodes. Using the patch I could hide any city placemarks directly below the nodes (eg, Madrid and Malaga are not visible because they have been hidden by the user placemark layer). Also, some of the node labels have been moved after they detected a collision with the labels of placemarks close to them.


  src/lib/AbstractDataPlugin.h aca7aa0 
  src/lib/AbstractDataPlugin.cpp 2881e19 
  src/lib/AbstractFloatItem.h ea6050e 
  src/lib/AbstractFloatItem.cpp 9de45b5 
  src/lib/CMakeLists.txt af2c4db 
  src/lib/LayerInterface.h 1241ccc 
  src/lib/LayerManager.cpp 62bb4aa 
  src/lib/MarbleMap.cpp 90238da 
  src/lib/MarbleWidget.cpp f811854 
  src/lib/VisiblePlacemark.h 0518815 
  src/lib/kdescendantsproxymodel.h 6908bff 
  src/lib/layers/AtmosphereLayer.h b68dd60 
  src/lib/layers/AtmosphereLayer.cpp c05d6e3 
  src/lib/layers/FogLayer.h e86f79d 
  src/lib/layers/FogLayer.cpp 24a1325 
  src/lib/layers/FpsLayer.h eb3743f 
  src/lib/layers/FpsLayer.cpp 9c07485 
  src/lib/layers/GeometryLayer.h 70e97ba 
  src/lib/layers/GeometryLayer.cpp 1c24153 
  src/lib/layers/MarbleSplashLayer.h 2ef2e7b 
  src/lib/layers/MarbleSplashLayer.cpp bed786a 
  src/lib/layers/PlacemarkLayout.h cfad7f7 
  src/lib/layers/PlacemarkLayout.cpp 8c9aca7 
  src/lib/layers/TextureLayer.h efc9ef2 
  src/lib/layers/TextureLayer.cpp a7943bf 
  src/lib/layers/VectorMapBaseLayer.h 7db584e 
  src/lib/layers/VectorMapBaseLayer.cpp 1bf1fbd 
  src/lib/layers/VectorMapLayer.h 91a3f35 
  src/lib/layers/VectorMapLayer.cpp f05c88a 
  src/lib/routing/RoutingLayer.h ba8b295 
  src/lib/routing/RoutingLayer.cpp 8a3a44a 
  src/plugins/render/aprs/AprsPlugin.h d073872 
  src/plugins/render/aprs/AprsPlugin.cpp 514aa1d 
  src/plugins/render/crosshairs/CrosshairsPlugin.h fc28128 
  src/plugins/render/crosshairs/CrosshairsPlugin.cpp 975d5de 
  src/plugins/render/graticule/GraticulePlugin.h 339ca44 
  src/plugins/render/graticule/GraticulePlugin.cpp 96c58f7 
  src/plugins/render/measure/MeasureToolPlugin.h 366d36c 
  src/plugins/render/measure/MeasureToolPlugin.cpp 54e4605 
  src/plugins/render/positionmarker/PositionMarker.h 95be7ec 
  src/plugins/render/positionmarker/PositionMarker.cpp 44b5ded 
  src/plugins/render/satellites/SatellitesPlugin.h 808e9df 
  src/plugins/render/satellites/SatellitesPlugin.cpp 2ca0775 
  src/plugins/render/stars/StarsPlugin.h 1c306e1 
  src/plugins/render/stars/StarsPlugin.cpp e09bf99 
  src/plugins/render/sun/SunPlugin.h 514f94d 
  src/plugins/render/sun/SunPlugin.cpp 2258377 

Diff: http://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/103867/diff/diff





Paul Nader

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