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most of the message apparently got lost, I hope the whole message gets to
the list this time.

Djuro Drljaca

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 7:26 PM, Djuro Drljaca <djurodrljaca at gmail.com>wrote:

> > I guess it is the Qt version of Marble. In that case you could start it
> > with the --smallscreen parameter which will make it run like the N900
> > version. Possibly this won't be a too good choice, though: The behavior
> > of Qt on the N900 is quite different to Qt on other systems, so I'd
> > expect some oddities.
> The option "--smallscreen" does not exist.
> The output I get from "marble -v" is:
> Qt: 4.7.0
> KDE Development Platform: 4.5.4 (KDE 4.5.4)
> Marble Desktop Globe: 0.10.3
> From this I think it should be a "KDE version". Also there are other KDE
> applications and libraries available in the WeTab package repositories.
> > The download of offline routing maps should work in either version. To
> > have offline routing working, you also need the monav routing daemon
> > (version 0.2 or 0.3) installed. This shouldn't be too hard if you can
> > compile it somehow. Maybe even one of the binary versions [1] works on
> > the WeTab.
> WeTab has an Intel Atom processor so it can probably run most x86 binaries,
> I haven't tried it yet and I also didn't research which system libraries it
> uses (this can be quite a mess in embedded Linux world).
> > The N900 version of Marble works great on the N900, but it won't be easy
> > to extend it to other devices in that way. Still we are much interested
> > in doing that. Therefore we're currently trying to make it easier to
> > create Marble "applications" optimized for certain device form factors.
> >
> > Marble today looks like this:
> >
> > [Marble library]
> > [Marble KDE application] || [Marble Qt application] || [Marble Qt
> application, smallscreen profile]
> >
> > The vast majority of all code is part of the library, the applications
> > are rather small. Nevertheless the QWidget based parts don't work too
> > well on touchscreens and adjustments for different form factors could be
> > easier. Therefore I'd like future Marble versions to go into this
> direction:
> >
> > [Marble library] || [Marble QtDeclarative/Qt-Components/QML support]
> > [Marble Desktop] || [Marble Maemo] || [Marble MeeGo] || [Marble Android*]
> || [Marble Active**] || [Marble Touch]] ...
> >
> > Each of the applications should be a small .qml application that
> > combines the common QML/QtDeclarative/Qt-Components into a user
> > interface optimized for a certain device form factor (and/or use
> case(s)).
> >
> > No doubt it will be much work to realize this, but fortunately we
> > already made some progress: There are first QtDeclarative classes that
> > export parts of Marble to QML, and sample .qml applications that show
> > this. I'll work more on that in the future, next thing will be routing
> > support (such that routes can be configured from .qml applications).
> > Daniel Marth is working on a Marble .qml application for MeeGo that will
> > make use of Qt-Components and the existing QML/QtDeclarative bindings.
> > This is a GSOC project, so expect much progress here soon. Additionally
> > Niko Sams has started working on an Android port.
> >
> > Please join us if the above sounds interesting; there are many open
> > things to work on. A good start might be to get one of the qml examples
> > running on the WeTab. There's a short introduction to those examples in
> [2].
> First I'll install the SDK for WeTab and do a few tests with QML (I haven't
> had the chance to work with it yet), then I'll play around with the QML
> examples that you mentioned.
> I'll probably ask a few more questions when I get started :)
> Could you send me some links for my first steps with Marble?
> Regards,
> Djuro Drljaca
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