[Marble-devel] Public Transport Routing

Florian Eßer f.esser at rwth-aachen.de
Wed Dec 14 14:33:44 UTC 2011


are there any plans for some kind of public transport routing yet?

I guess it should be possible to somehow hook up a Marble routing
request with the PublicTransport engine [1]. Like having routing
profiles for car, bicycle, pedestrian etc., there would be a public
transport profile.
This would be especially interesting for Marble Touch.

Given a user's route request from A to B, possible steps of
implementation would be:

* just return a very simple route from $nearest_station_to_A to
$nearest_station_to_B via $transfer_station (simple straight lines) and
output the stations and transfers as "turn by turn" instructions.

* if that is working: refine the route by adding coordinates of all
stop-overs, getting a more polygon-like route. (If you know the map view
at reiseauskunft.bahn.de, you probably get what I mean...)
Fetch station coordinates from OSM.

* Pedestrian routing from A to $nearest_station_to_A, same for B

* Extract actual bus/train driving route from OSM relations?
(like ÖPNV-Karte / openbusmap.org)

(Long-term dream usecase:
I'm in a city at point A and want to get to point B. A quick routing
request tells me that I can either:
a) wait 12 minutes for the next bus, or
b) walk all the way with my average walking speed, taking 10 minutes
longer, but without having to stand around and wait, or
c) run a short distance to reach another station still in time to catch
a delayed tram ;-) )

If there is no one working at such a feature yet, I would like to invest
some time into it...


[1] https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/base/publictransport

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