[Marble-devel] Re: Marble 1.1 released

Zebrowski, Zak zaz at mitre.org
Wed Apr 20 18:13:09 CEST 2011

Hi All,

FWIW, the 1.1 windows build release seems to have issues.  When I started it up, it said "unable to load custom cursor, default will be used.  Make sure this is a valid image file", then it became unresponsive (and I had to force kill it).  (I have windows XP.)  Upon exit, it displayed Application Error dialog box - the instruction at 0x67... referenced memory at 0x029... could not be "Read".  Click ok to terminate the program.

I really don't have a time to debug right now.  Just sharing my experience.  Thanks for the effort to put the build together though!


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