[Marble-devel] Re: marble make install step fails on MS Windows (using mingw)

Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Sat Apr 2 08:02:39 CEST 2011

Hi Akos,



Section 3:

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3 Adjust Marble's search path for the maps and data

If you want to install Marble's data into a different place than the system 
default then read on: There are several ways to adjust the path where Marble 
is drawing it's data from:
3.1 At Compiletime

Use the cmake option -DMARBLE_DATA_PATH to specify the built-in system path 
that Marble gathers its data from:


  cmake -DQTONLY=ON -DMARBLE_DATA_PATH /mnt1/marble/data ~/marble

3.2 "At Runtime"

There are two solutions to adjust the data path for a precompiled Marble 

a) Enter a key and a value


to the config file "marblerc" or "~/.config/KDE/Marble\ Desktop\ Globe.conf" 
and (re)start the application.

b) Start Marble using the command line option --marbleDataPath:

marble --marbleDataPath ~/marble/data

On Friday, 1. April 2011 22:05:30 Ákos Maróy wrote:
> Bernhard,
> > Hmm, it looks like that under Windows, the data path is by default
> > relative to the application directory (see MarbleDirs.cpp and the
> > INSTALL file for details). You can pass
> > -DMARBLE_DATA_PATH="hardcoded/path/to/data" to cmake for hardcoding
> > an absolute (or relative) data path in the marble library. HTH
> I see. would there be a way to specify this directory at runtime?
> Akos
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