[Marble-devel] Fixing gpx file opening

Thibaut GRIDEL tgridel at free.fr
Sun Nov 1 22:46:59 CET 2009

* Anders Lund [2009-11-01 15:27]:
> Hi Thibaut,
> Thanks a lot!

You're welcome. I'm in fact sorry that I had to temporarily revert this
commit in order not to crash at startup...

> Now I can open the config dialog,  but attempting to  load a gpx files 
> crashes:

OK, had overlooked this one a while ago when I was doing the
FileManager/PlacemarkManager split.

I think the fix I commited improves the situation.
Now the rendering still happens with the old gpx file handling, and a
GeoDataDocument is created as well.

When there is good enough rendering for GeoDataDocuments polygons, then 
MarbleModel::openGpxFile() will spare doing the gpxFileModel->addFile.


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