[Marble-devel] QGraphicsView Overlay for marble

Simon Schmeißer mail_to_wrt at gmx.de
Tue Mar 24 21:58:43 CET 2009

Am Dienstag, 24. März 2009 21:52:29 schrieb Bastian Holst:
> Hi Andrew
> > Just for reference ( and in case you don't like looking at diffs ) the
> > chain of constructors i was talking about is: MarbleWidget -> MarbleMap
> > -> MarbleModel -> LayerManager -> PluginManager.
> >
> > ... this, as you all know, seems a bit unnecessary. Any alternative
> > solution would need to alter the Architecture of marble in some way, the
> > simplest way to do this i think might be to Change the PluginManager
> > into a Singleton Class. This might even be able to maintain binary
> > compatibility, which the diff attached clearly does not.
> Making the PluginManager a singleton probably isn't a good idea. An
> application theoretically can have more than one MarbleWidget in it.
> Remember, Marble isn't only an application, but also library for other
> applications. Perhaps you want to show multiple places of the earth at the
> same time. Making the PluginManager a singleton will possibly break that
> feature. I'm sorry that I havn't got another idea how to solve this
> problem.
There are also usecases where there is no MarbleWidget at all ... geoshape for 
example. I'm just using the MarbleMap there and rendering this to a pixmap, 
which gets displayed in Koffice2.

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