[Marble-devel] Marble FileStorageWatcher

Bastian Holst bastianholst at gmx.de
Sat Mar 7 18:08:48 CET 2009


I work on a watcher for Marble which keeps track of the size of the 
persistent/hard disk cache of Marble. I heard you are working on speeding up 
At the moment I have the following solution:
- I made a subclass of QThread watching the cache size.
- This Thread is run after the startup of marble, so it doesn't make it 
slower. Then it measures the file size, this takes a lot of time (for my first 
approach I didn't make a Thread, it took (for the first time) about 10 s, that 
was to slow.
- Additionally I added slots (for adding [sending file name/(perhaps better 
sending file size, file could be deleted again)] and removing files [sending file 
size]). The corresponding signals are implemented as signals of StoragePolicy 
and the implementations like FileStoragePolicy have to send it.
- Deleting files is another story.

Do you see any problem at this approach, especially making StoragePolicy a 
QObject and adding signals.

Bastian Holst

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