[Marble-devel] Patch: "Remove Last Measure Point" and KML/GPX in clipboard

Michael G. Hansen mikeml2 at pfna.de
Sun Jun 14 17:40:15 CEST 2009

Hi Torsten,

sorry for not replying to your first mail. Thanks for including the patch.

Regarding your questions:

I did not have Google Earth at the time I wrote the patch, so I
installed it now to test clipboard interaction. I found that
- When I copy a placemark from Google Earth to the clipboard, the KML is
put into the clipboard as "text/plain"
- Google Earth's "paste" action is only available after copying things
from inside Google Earth
- Copying a coordinate from Marble and pasting it in Google Earth
results in an "Invalid KML in paste" message
- Putting the KML exported by Marble into the "text/plain" part makes
paste work, but only if something has been copied from Google Earth before

Conclusion: Clipboard interaction with Google Earth is not as easy as I

Concerning the name field: We could use the user-formatted coordinates
as the name.



Torsten Rahn wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Unfortunately I haven't received a reply from you regarding my last question.
> However in the meantime I've added the mime part of the patch to trunk (The 
> other fix didn't make it due to string freeze). 
> I've also added your full patch to our marble-gsoc-2009 branch which will 
> become trunk right after KDE 4.3 is released.
> What I had been wondering about was:
> - The coordinate mime stuff doesn't seem to work with Google Earth (at least if 
> I copy a coordinate then I'm not able to insert it in Google Earth.
> - The name field is empty. Shouldn't we maybe add a generic text in there?
> Regards,
> Torsten
> Am Donnerstag 07 Mai 2009 23:05:57 schrieb Michael G. Hansen:
>> Hi,
>> the attached patch adds a context menu item "Remove Last Measure Point"
>> for the right mouse button menu.
>> In addition, when the coordinate under the cursor is copied to the
>> clipboard using the left mouse button menu, it is also provided in the
>> clipboard as GPX and KML (can be retrieved by other applications by
>> requesting data in the respective mime-types). This makes it easy for
>> applications to understand coordinates independent of the plain-text
>> format. I have sent a patch to kipi-plugins [1] to enable the GPS Sync
>> plugin to understand this format.
>> Greetings,
>> Michael
>> [1] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=191914

Michael Hansen - http://www.pfna.de/
Monheim / Germany

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