[Marble-devel] Hello

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sat Aug 29 14:20:27 CEST 2009

Hi marbleheads,

I just joind marble-devel, with the intention to help improving some aspects 
of gps support in marble.

Specifically, I would like to help making marble suitable for loading, 
creating, displaying, manipulating, exporting and saving waypints, routes, and 
tracks (where applicable).

I have been looking a bit at the source, and it looks like a good starting 
point would be improving gpx loading (currently only the position is loaded) 
and saving (via the waypint, routepoint and trackpoint classes).

Then, displaying and editing those data would be next. For waypoints, 
displaying name and symbol directly, and additional data in some form of 
tooltip would be nice. Editing data could be done either in dialogs launched 
from the context menu, or in sidebars.

A sidebar listing the contents of loaded files would be nice, too.

I can see that data writing is more or less impelemnted, but there is no gui 
representation for that. 

After that, creating waypoints and routes, and saving those to files, would 
finalize my current ambition.

Now, I do not know if all this is within the scope of the marble 
library/widget, of if some of all of it should be provided as plugins?

Also, I do not know marble code very well, so if I think wrong, or you have 
ideas or knowledge that I should know, that would be nice.

In the hope that I can add a bit to marble,

www: http://www.alweb.dk
jabber: anderslund at jabber.dk

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