[Marble-devel] [Patch] Introspection/ Debug view for the GeoData

Simon Schmeisser mail_to_wrt at gmx.de
Sun Aug 17 23:40:07 CEST 2008

Hi Guys,

as already discussed briefly on the mailing list I have developed a small 
feature that provides introspection for the GeoData. By GeoData I mean the 
structure where the content of loaded KML files is stored (currently only 
used by two plugins: geodata and placemarks).

It works by creating a QAbstractTreeModel based model, that represents the 
data structure of the main GeoDataDocument (or multiple GeoDataDocuments in 
future maybe ). This Model is than displayed by a standard QTreeView.

Necessary changes: - Every GeoDataObject based class needs to know about it's 
parent node in the GeoData tree.
	- GeoDataObject derifed classes that have sup-structures need to 
override "child( int pos )" and "childCount". This has been done for 

Future Improvements:
 - Add a title ;)
 - improve plugin system for things like this (doesn't render anything but 
should maybe get an menu entry)
 - implement GeoDataPlacemark::child and childCount to return the geometry it 
- display attributes like name, id, visibility, style as childs or table 
- direct editing?

Please review the attached diff and contact me to fix any outstanding issues. 
I'll update the patch if necessary after the double -> qReal transition.

cu Simon  
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