[Marble-devel] non-coding job for Marble

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at credativ.de
Mon Dec 10 00:08:51 CET 2007


for KDE 4.0 I need an PUBLIC DOMAIN licensed english description for each of 
the seven continents. If anyone with or without coding skills on the list 
would like to have an appearance in KDE 4.0's Marble About dialog then this 
is your chance to get mentioned. ;-)
Each article should have a length of about 3 paragraphs (similar to the 
country descriptions in the CIA factbook) and should be of reasonable 

North America
South America

Less important is:
Antarctica    (Because it gets covered in the CIA Factbook already)

The reason is that according to my information using stuff from Wikipedia to 
get shipped in the Marble package doesn't work as Wikipedia's license doesn't 
meet Debian's license policy.

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