[Marble-bugs] [Bug 286982] Rendering in marble is too slow using default configuration

Torsten Rahn rahn at kde.org
Wed Nov 23 09:41:50 UTC 2011


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I've seen Marble running on Exo PCs and WeTab as well. The problem is not so
much with Marble and its default configuration:

* Running Marble on openSUSE on an Exo PC delivered quite decent performance
(no multitouch however)
* Running Marble on plain vanilla WeTab OS (which is based on MeeGo 1.1) on a
WeTab (which is basically an Exo PC) delivered quite decent performance
* Running Marble on an ExoPC with a MeeGo 1.2 based OS gives bad performance.
* Running Marble on older versions of MeeGo (1.0 or 1.1) gave good performance.

I'm not sure why Marble on MeeGo 1.2 on an Exo PC runs so slow. 
I know that it will also affect the Mercator projection (it's just not
noticable because the Mercator projection is "lighter" on the hardware.
It could either be an issue with mcompositor (which is tailored for OpenGL
usage) or an issue with the X drivers or an issue with the assumption that on
MeeGo 1.2 software is supposed to use the OpenGL pipeline.

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