Lock-Up Restoring Session

Jim Peterson elkniwt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 21:11:29 GMT 2023


  I've run into an issue when restoring a session containing sftp URLs.
The session had 342 files in it, and would get about 79% of the way through
opening before Kate (v 21.12.3, this is on Kubuntu 22.04.1) would halt
completely and have to be killed.  I was able to, instead, open a new
session and do:

for i in `grep URL stuff.katesession | cut -c 5-`; do echo $i; kate $i; done

  This allowed me to narrow it down to a particular URL:


  It's a small file with very little content.  I believe the critical issue
is that I had previously opened a different URL:


  In fact, I can recreate the lock-up simply by, from the command-line,

kate sftp://<server>/<some_path>   # opens new Kate GUI
kate file://<some_path>            # hangs, and GUI locks up

  The only requirement seems to be that <some_path> must be identical,
meaning the file must exist at the exact same location on each machine
(server and local), and that one file must be local while the other file is
remote (I could open two remote files at identical paths with no problem.
Opening a third, local file would lock things up).  I suspect it may have
something to do with Kate trying to create a new node in the "Documents"
tree view in the left panel, but this is a wild guess.

  Please, CC me if you need to communicate.  I am not subscribed to this
mailing list.

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