K Write is fantastic BUT.

Wroger Wroger wrogerwroger at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 08:51:44 BST 2022

It needs some changes - like:

1) To increase the "recently used" list to be increased from 9 to say 25
and 50 most recently used files AND the lists need a first on, first off
rotating function - as new files are made / edited they get deleted from
the list when the list fills and more recent files are added.

2. The ability to make settings permanently on or off such as the fields in
the view fields etc.

3. Despite having some of the most sophisticated word processing apps ever
known, the plain text editor is a fantastic writing tool - and they all
have their assets and liabilities, but this is one of the best so far, for
plain text files and document production - coding aside.

But the short 1980's style of most recently used files list - has to be


Shane Hanson
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