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Tue Jun 1 00:29:27 BST 2021

We've sent this email because we have updated Kate and this was the contact email supplied for the application.
              Your application update status
			  Kate has been updated on BytesIn.com to the 21.04.1 Build 1295 version. 
			  You can check out your application listed our site at: https://www.bytesin.com/software/Kate/

			  If you want to let your users know about your software page on BytesIn to rate it, review it or share it, you can use our download banner below.

			  If you do not wish to receive any further notifications or confirmations from BytesIn, please send us an email to remove your email from our database. Keep in mind that this means you will not receive ANY further contact from us, including: listing promotions, update confirmations or security alerts.

			  Cezar Renta - Senior Editor

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