Installing kde apps without KDE (was Re: position of the comment character)

rhkramer at rhkramer at
Fri Aug 13 23:56:56 BST 2021

On Thursday, August 12, 2021 09:37:32 AM Joao Miguel Ferreira wrote:
> 1st let me say "thank you very much": I use kwrite since 2002/2003 on a
> daily basis. it's my every day editor (I don't use Kate or any other IDE
> fwiw). I use kwrite and I love it. I also don't use KDE. I use xfce and I
> install kwrite via apt (in recent years)

I'm changing the topic (I was going to say "a little" but maybe it's a big 
change):  I use kate and kmail, but would prefer to avoid installing all or 
most of kde -- I'd like to install as little as possible of KDE to allow kate 
and kmail to operate.

I use mbox for email storage and pop3 to get my emails.  (I have other 
applications that depend on the email storage being mbox, and would have a 
long transition to make to go to 

Following up, I'd prefer not to have kmail use the database that is typically 
included (I guess the specific database has changed over the years) -- I 
primarily use the kmail that comes with Debian Wheezy (kmail 1.13.7 on kde 

Yes, I know that is horribly out of date, I plan to install Debian 11 
(Bullseye?) on at least one computer "soon".

Thanks for any advice / insight.

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