need clarification about hilighting framework

Christoph Cullmann christoph at
Tue Sep 29 21:13:38 BST 2020

On 2020-09-29 15:56, Petr Smely wrote:
> hello,
>  i'm trying to fiddle around in the hilighting in kate, but i'm
> confused ...
>  in document:
> like 4 years ago, a new hilighting framework was announced (moving
> away from that weired format in ~/.config/katesyntaxhighlightingrc to
> xml-files in ~/.local/share/org.kde.syntax-highlighting/). that would
> be nice!
>  on my most recently updated install:
>  i still have the old locations being used.
>  "Starting with KDE Frameworks 5.29, the KTextEditor framework now
> uses the syntax highlighting files from KSyntaxHighlighting. These
> files are located in
> $HOME/.local/share/org.kde.syntax-highlighting/syntax" --> not on my
> install ... what is wrong here? do i have to actively change
> something? i could not find anything in the doc.


perhaps there is a misunderstanding: The katesyntaxhighlightingrc is 
still used for some config stuff,
like colors.

This will change with frameworks 5.75.

But the XML syntax definitions are already taken since long from the 
other locations, as documented.


>  regards,
> Petr.

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