Discussion (before filing a bug): incorrect behavior when handling long wrapped lines

rhkramer at gmail.com rhkramer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 21:03:33 BST 2020

On Thursday, September 10, 2020 01:35:54 PM Kåre Särs wrote:
> 18.08.0 is old :) IIRC there was some fixing for this kind of problems... I
> just tested with 20.08.1 on KDE Neon and I cannot reproduce your problem. I
> think you should try a newer version :)



I'll plan on that, not sure when I'll get around to it (most likely when I 
upgrade to a Debian version that has 20.08.1 -- not sure if that is in the 
next stable release or not).

Thanks again!

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