Have KWrite default to... On-The-Fly Spellcheck=true

Joe Malen Joe.Malen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 11:21:50 GMT 2020

Hello Everyone,

I'm running LXQt on Lubuntu 20.04. I just installed KWrite.

Of course, I can press Ctrl+Shift+O to set On-The-Fly Spellcheck to be
true. However, I would like On-The-Fly Spellcheck to be true by default. In
other words, when I open new documents in Kwrite, when I misspell a word, I
want to see a little squiggly red underline immediately appear beneath the
word I misspelled.

Therefore I edited... /home/y/.config/*kwriterc*

Using another text editor (Mousepad) I changed... On-The-Fly Spellcheck=
*false *to On-The-Fly Spellcheck=*true.*

Yet when I open new documents On-The-Fly Spellcheck is not on by default.

Furthermore when I check /home/y/.config/*kwriterc *I see that, despite my
change from false to true, On-The-Fly Spellcheck=*false *shows up.

Do you have any suggestions for me?


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