D27430: [PATCH] General update for CartoCSS syntax highlighting

Lukas Sommer noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Feb 18 21:54:01 GMT 2020

sommer added a comment.

  Here comes an updated version for test.mss:
    /* kate: hl CartoCSS
       This file contains some content coming from
       with CC0 license. This file is just for testing
       katepart highlighting engine.
    #world {
      // this syntax
      polygon-opacity: 50%; // the parameter “polygon-opacity” gets the value 0.5 (expressed in %)
      // is equivalent to
      polygon-opacity: 0.5;
    Variables behave similar to C macros
    @lsdjkf: @sdlfkj; // this variable gets defined by the value of another variable
    @admin-boundaries: #ac46ac; // this variable gets defined by a color value
    @way_pixels: "([way_area]*pow(4, at zoom)/24505740000)"; // A rather complex variable. [way_area] marks a data field. @zoom is a special runtime value (inspite of the @ it has nothing to do with ordinary variables)
    /* This is
    a multiline comment.
    // A single line comment
    #admin-low-zoom[zoom < 11],  // A single line comment
    #admin-mid-zoom[zoom >= 11][zoom < 13] {
      [admin_level = '2'], // Within filters, data fields like “admin_level” are referended without extra [] brackets.
      [admin_level = '3'] { // These data fields are rendered by default in dark blue, while the data field within expression strings are rendered by default in light blue.
        [zoom >= 4] {
          background/line-color: white; // symbolizer named “background”
          background/line-width: 0.6; // symbolizer named “background”
          line-color: @admin-boundaries; // default symbolizer (without name)
          name: [test]; // simplified reference to the data field “test”
          name: "[test]"; // another reference to the data field “test”, this time within an expression string (by default orange)
          name: "([way_area]*pow(4, at zoom)/24505740000)"; // a rather complex expression string that will do some math
          name: "'Value: '[test]"; // A verbatim string (by default red) as part of an expression string
          name: '"Value: "[test]'; // " and ' are interchangable. The outer is always the expression string and the inner the verbatim string.
      [admin_level = '4'] { // The string '4' is red because at this position it will be interpreted as a verbatim string, not as an expression string.
        [zoom >= 4] {
          line-dasharray: 4,3; // parameter “line-dasharray” gets as value a list of two integers
          line-clip: false;  // parameter “line-clip” gets as value a boolean
      comp-op: darken; // parameter “comp-op” gets as value “darken”.
    .nature-reserve-boundaries { // .nature-reserve-boudaries references a class, which is similar to a layer like #building-text, so both are rendered the same way
      [way_pixels > 100][zoom >= 7] { // Here zoom is a keyword with results in a special filter. However, all other values are interpreted as data fields.
        [zoom < 10] {
          ::fill { // The :: syntax defined “attachments” (a sort of sub-layer within normal layers). So “fill” is rendered by default in the same style like layer names and class names (but this can be customized).
            opacity: 0.05;
            // various styles to define colors (all except the color function are rendered the same way):
            polygon-fill: white;
            polygon-fill: #ffffff;
            polygon-fill: #fff;
            polygon-fill: rgba(255,255,255,1); // define a color by a speciel function
            polygon-fill: #ffff; // invalid color value
            text-placement: interior; // all unknown values are hightlighted as named values.

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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