I'd like to ask for help with using External Tools with pandoc

AntonĂ­n Svoboda antonin.svoboda at outlook.com
Thu Feb 13 10:53:40 GMT 2020

I have recently migrated to Kate from Emacs and I have to say I'd been blown
away. It's far more feature rich and has far wider language support than I had
anticipated, and the external tools plugin looks exciting. It's an excellent
piece of software and I'm grateful to the people who developed it.

I however really need to be able to mix latex snippets with markdown for my
calculus classes. I had been hoping to use Kate for this, as I have been told
the external plugin would be ideal. However, I have frankly no idea how to set
it up, which is not helped by the fact I never used bash.

I would like to set it up so it takes the currently open document and converts
it to pdf via pandoc using the pdflatex engine, saving the pdf in the same
directory as the original document. From there, okular is excellent for
previewing it as it autorefreshes on document change.

I would be grateful for any solution to this. Please CC me in any answers.

I hope you'll have a wonderful day
AntonĂ­n Svoboda
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