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Libor libor.brno at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 12:19:43 GMT 2020

Hello KATE Team!

I referenced Kate to several IT people and/or programmers in my surrounding
looking for a cross-platform alternative to Notepad++, but the fact that it
lacks a diff tool is a huge stop sign for most people straight-away.

The solution might be easy: If you include in "external-tools-plugin"
another parameter "%{Document:NativeFilePath*2*}" for a *second* file (if
in split mode, then visible file in the next panel, in all cases it would
be easy to populate the next file from the list of opened files), then
configuring this plugin to startup Kompare (/usr/bin/kompare
-c %{Document:NativeFilePath} %{Document:NativeFilePath2}" in Linux) would
be easy.

As it stands now (AFAIK), Kompare can be configured only to start "empty"
(which would fill the last two compared files) and that is quite
unimpressive and useless (as starting it via launcher is even faster then
via Kate menu). You can't even supply two same files, because Kompare would
complain they're identical and revert to last used files.

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