Translating External Tools

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at
Mon Sep 23 15:12:45 BST 2019

Hi everyone,

I have some translation-related questions for the external tools plugin.
Currently some things are certainly wrong.

We have default tools in a file compiled into Kate, see:
In short, this is a ini-like file. Entries that need translation are:
The rest must not be translated. Still, I am pretty sure we are missing a
line or so in the extraction script:

Can one of you clarify how to do this properly?

2. ui.rc
The xmlgui file is located here:
The contents to be discussed is:
<gui name="externaltools" library="externaltoolsplugin" version="1">

In other plugins, I can also find an attribute "translationDomain", e.g.:

My CMakeLists.txt file located at
contains this:
target_compile_definitions(externaltoolsplugin PRIVATE

Am I missing the translationDomain in the ui.rc file?

Any hints are welcome.

Best regards
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