D24982: Small improvements in some XML files

Dominik Haumann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Oct 27 16:32:32 GMT 2019

dhaumann added a comment.

  I wonder if the `?:` optimizations make sense. QRegularExpression has the option `QRegularExpression::DontCaptureOption` to not capture anything. Looking into our code we have:
    561 bool RegExpr::doLoad(QXmlStreamReader& reader)
    562 {
    563     m_regexp.setPattern(reader.attributes().value(QStringLiteral("String")).toString());                       // here we set the pattern -> OK
    565     const auto isMinimal = Xml::attrToBool(reader.attributes().value(QStringLiteral("minimal")));
    566     const auto isCaseInsensitive = Xml::attrToBool(reader.attributes().value(QStringLiteral("insensitive")));
    567     m_regexp.setPatternOptions(                                                                                // if (m_dynamic == false), we could add the
    568        (isMinimal ? QRegularExpression::InvertedGreedinessOption : QRegularExpression::NoPatternOption) |      // flag QRegularExpression::DontCaptureOption
    569        (isCaseInsensitive ? QRegularExpression::CaseInsensitiveOption : QRegularExpression::NoPatternOption));
    571    // optimize the pattern for the non-dynamic case, we use them OFTEN
    572    m_dynamic = Xml::attrToBool(reader.attributes().value(QStringLiteral("dynamic")));
    573    if (!m_dynamic) {
    574        m_regexp.optimize();
    575    }
    576    // [...]
  In other words: The current patch adds many `?:` which also makes the RegExps harder to read. So: Do we really get a performance gain here? Wouldn't it be possible to get an even better performance gain by using the flag `DontCaptureOption`?
  Currently, I am not yet convinced, can you give this a try? :-)

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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