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J.Arun Mani J.ArunMani at protonmail.com
Thu Oct 24 18:33:41 BST 2019

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Few questions related to Kate.

1. Is there any easy way to execute a file. Like I have a .py file and want Python to run it. Does Kate have any simple way of doing that?

2. On a quick Internet search, I got https://github.com/goinnn/Kate-plugins but the repo is unmaintained and its owner says that Kate has these plugins in itself. But I don't see PyFlakes or Pylint anywhere in Kate?

3. Is there a good place where I can get a lot of Kate plugins?

4. Why is Kate showing "(c) 2000 - 2016", shouldn't that be 2019??

5. I installed Kate from Snap in my GNOME Debian system and text is not visible. That is text like "File", "Help" (which are at the top) isn't visible. AppImage works fine though.

6. Kate is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Nice day !
J Arun Mani
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