Display modified lines (but not yet committed in git repo)? Select line and stage them?

Cedric Pain cedric.pain at ymail.com
Tue May 28 10:20:31 BST 2019


I have been a huge fan of Kate for years, so thank you so much for providing Kate. It was the main reason I donated this year and last year to KDE (I've tried to donate to Kate directly but couldn't find a way).

I have reached to write an e-mail because I couldn't find a dream come true (aka I have found nothing about that on internet).

I am desperately searching a way to highlight line, or display the margin, *what lines have been modified since the last git commit*, directly in Kate.

Also, *be able to select lines then stage selected lines in commit* (partial file staging) would be infintely helpful!! . Git cola have this feature, but this would be soooo awesome and time efficient to have it in Kate itself!

That would be useful for developers (I code in PHP/CSS/HTML/JS), and also for book writers (I write mainly fiction novels using markdown that I write and add parts/read/corrects thousand times - that is why these two aspects would be infinitely valuable!).

Thanks in advance, thank you so much for your hard work, keep it up!

C├ędric PAIN

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