D21295: SyntaxHighlighter: Fix foreground color for text without special highlighting

Dominik Haumann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun May 19 20:59:49 BST 2019

dhaumann added a comment.

  Well, this change only affects the SyntaxHighlighter, which KTextEditor does not use ;)
  For completeness: https://code.woboq.org/qt5/qtbase/src/gui/text/qtextdocument.cpp.html#673
  Here, we can see that QTextDocument::drawContents() internally uses a QAbstractTextDocumentLayout::PaintContext ctx, which itself provides a default-constructed QPalette. A defaut-constructed QPalette equals the application palette. So the only other way for the text thumbnailer is to temporarily set the QApplication palette.

  R216 Syntax Highlighting


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