D21287: Try to find always an unique visible document name without a number suffix

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Sun May 19 16:43:32 BST 2019

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  > PS: The tab switcher also has something similar to make a distiction between files with the same name D16054 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16054>
  I noticed this patch. It's more a workaround for the core issue.
  > besides that the quick open already shows the path to distinguish the files
  Like D16054 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D16054>, but without harm. Not so bad to see the full path there
  > Looking at the screenshots, I find it rather intransparent which document gets what name,
  Yes it is. Better solutions are welcome.
  My examples, or better test files, are of course the worst thinkable case and not well suited to demonstrate the (hoped) benefit of this patch.
  > is this really an improvement?
  It's the right place to fix the issue. You have then every where the unique names without extra quirks. Consider e.g. confirmation dialogues.
  > And: I have the feeling this patch should pay attention to performance. Sometimes, users have hundreds of files open, and this should not slow down any open operation.
  Well, speedups are always nice. On session restore is it really often called and with my test setup the names often renamed. But should that really cause a noticable slowdown? I have doubts.
  Perhaps has session restore potential for improvements, and the whole naming process too. The function is called for each file surprising often just to set the first true name. "Emtpty/NoName"->"Untitled"->"FileName"

  R39 KTextEditor


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