New tabs added on the right?

rhkramer at rhkramer at
Sun May 12 19:05:29 BST 2019

On Tuesday, May 07, 2019 12:29:17 AM Andy Doucette wrote:
> Hello!  I use kate as my main text editor for development and love it.  It
> does _almost_ everything I need.  One thing that consistently bothers me is
> that new tabs seem to get added on the left instead of the right.  Every
> other system I use adds new tabs on the right.  Since most of us in the
> west read from left to right, it makes sense to me that if I open a parent
> class and then open a child class and then open a grandchild class, they
> should be from left to right in my editor.
> This bothers me to the point that I might even be willing to try and learn
> a new codebase to make the change.  My main question is:  If I submitted a
> pull request that swapped the order, would the "powers that be" accept it?
> I could probably figure out how to add a config option to make it optional
> even. 

Most of the applications I use display the tabs on the left (kate, kmail, 
firefox (with a tab plugin), ...), so I am very used to tabs on the left -- if 
you decide to do something like this, please make it an option (and keep the 
default on the left).

PS: For kicks I was going to introduce my self as the PTB ;-)  

> Just would be nice to have the choice.

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