D20958: New menu of syntax highlighting in the status bar

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Thu May 2 16:55:04 BST 2019

loh.tar added a comment.

  Wow, look very nice :-)
  The only thing I would like to have is an auto generated "most often used" list. That was also suggested somewhere. This way you could quickly change between preferred styles instead to search for them.
  Your code looks lovely and well documented. However, I always try to establish a docu style to avoid the use of multiline comments /**/ in the code itself and use // style. It doesn't waste so much space.
  Will try this later.


> katemodemenulist.cpp:45
> + */
> +inline bool isDelimiter(const uint c)
> +{

perhaps static instead of inline?

> katemodemenulist.cpp:101
> +    if (searchBarPos == Top)
> +        layoutContainer->addLayout(layoutSearchBar);
> +    layoutContainer->addLayout(m_layoutList);

coding style: brace always single liner

> katemodemenulist.cpp:114
> +     */
> +    connect(m_list, SIGNAL(itemActivated(QListWidgetItem *)),
> +            this, SLOT(selectHighlighting(QListWidgetItem *)));

use new style

  R39 KTextEditor


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