D19517: DocumentPrivate: Add option "Enable Auto Reload" to ModOnHdPrompt

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Sun Mar 10 19:03:16 GMT 2019

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> dhaumann wrote in katedocument.h:1086
> What about this: make this a QAction with setCheckable(true). Then, you could reuse this action in the KTextEditor::Message. You can put this action then into the menu as well.
> ...then again, this could also be in tbe DocumentConfig just like many other settings we have.

- That would be the first action member in katedocument
- How that can add to the KTextEditor::Message didn't light me(?) Or why that would make sense

I'm working on a toggle action added to the View menu, so you can then enable that in advance. Surprising much effort :-/ but maybe I'm too stupid to do it in a simple way

  R39 KTextEditor


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