D16336: BuildView: Avoid to show ToolView when build is invoked

Kåre Särs noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Mar 4 20:14:39 GMT 2019

sars added a comment.

  This differential does three things
  1. replaces some KMessageBox dialogs with KTextEditor::Message equivalent.
  2. try to parse CMakes build precentage.
  3. modifies the hiding/showing of the toolview.
  The message change and percentage parsing are good as it would look better, but I do not like the change in showing/hiding the toolview.
  Having options to enable/disable showing the toolview when a build starts and another option for hiding the tool view on successful completion would be acceptable.
  Not showing the toolview on the start of a new build and just showing the toolview if you try to start a new build when a build is already running is too magic behavior for my taste.
  I also do not understand why the toolview would have to be automatically closed when the build is successful... If you do not want to see the toolview just press ESC and the toolview is hidden...
  Sorry for being a bit negative.


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