D19367: [RFC]SearchBar: Don't block GUI when enter incremental pattern

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Mon Mar 4 19:19:40 GMT 2019

cullmann added a comment.

  In D19367#424714 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D19367#424714>, @loh.tar wrote:
  > > The batch processing approach is sane.
  > hm, thanks
  > > My real issue here is: What to do with multi-line expressions that might span more than one line? Won't we miss matches if the ranges just overlap at that locations?
  > Well, yes...that should be the case. I had also some idea but ...
  > > not compute the batch ranges beforehand
  > ...that sound not so nice. What if I would keep it but find some solution?
  I am not sure that the precomputation saves you a lot of things, you can your compute the next batch in the slot that searches.
  But if the issue with the multi-line stuff is solved, I won't t reject this for the precomputation, this still can be "optimized" later on if wanted.
  > OTH is that multiline search for me a slightly rare case
  Yes, that is true.
  It should just work reasonable well, if would be bad if e.g. even a trivial case like lala\nlala would break because of badly choosen boundaries.

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