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  ..how it should be by adding brackets to each line of the block
  - Encapsulate in editBegin/End
  - Reduce if/else nesting
  Fixed in: 5.57

  Oops?! I'm sorry the diff looks terrible. In the past were leading space changes ignored, so I had done these "Reduce if/else nesting" :-/
  - Feature or bug? Select in block mode from right->left on a single line after last char a block. The brackets are exchanged )( and placed at the end of the block
  - Code use MovingRange, old(?) similar code fumble around with backup cursors, I hope not for some optimizing but only because its older than MovingRange
  - No use of toVirtualColumn or similar. It looks so far good anyway. Only when you mix tabs and spaces the result may sometimes odd. But I think there is no solution in using toVirtualColumn in the cases I had played around
  - No call of view->slotTextInserted (will only emit signal) can't see any effect and isn't such signal not already emit by the doc itself?
  - Autotests looks OK, I may add some for the new feature when patch gets accepted so far

  R39 KTextEditor



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