D22067: Don't clear the session KConfing object too early

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Thu Jun 27 10:16:53 BST 2019

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  In D22067#486989 <https://phabricator.kde.org/D22067#486989>, @ahmadsamir wrote:
  > Looking closer at this, it's more complicated than I initially thought :)
  > The location inside a sidebar, persistence and visibility settings of a tool view are only read from the config in Sidebar::restoreSession(); so at best with the create-toolview-on-demand nature of the projects plugin, we can only set the saved position setting. I'd say that's OK, because this diff here is more about the anonymous session, which is a special case.
  > If the user has a named-saved session, most of the time if he has files from a git/svn/hg repo open, he's probably not going to close them before saving the session or quitting kate.
  > So, just restoring the position setting would be OK?
  > Incidentally, why is the projects plugin has its tool views created on demand? that point doesn't seem to be documented (hint: you should document it :)).
  Scratch all of the above...

  R40 Kate


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