Help with the tab bar

Gareth garethic at
Sun Jun 9 17:39:05 BST 2019


I've been using kate since my first install of kubuntu in 2013. Pretty 

One thing I would love to revert to though, is the behaviour of the tab 
bar. In K 13 & 14 the tabs would squash together as more files were 
opened, yet the titles were readable & of course their positions never 
changed. Since then, the tabs are too big & the overflow mechanism 
really doesn't work for me: I'll select a file & lose the one I was just 
working on into the overflow. And then lose another one.

Currently I'm on Kub 18. Can I just download a deb I've found for the K 
14 version, mark it to not upgrade? Or is there another, better way to 
get back that behaviour? Because I really, really miss it - the 
disruption to my work flow is significant. And the round tabs & 
highlighting. Really miss those.

Anyway, Cheers. Thanks for the great work!

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