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Daan De Meyer daan.j.demeyer at
Fri Jul 26 16:40:35 BST 2019


I was thinking about the best way to handle plugin building during further
refactoring of the CMake scripts. Right now, some stuff is built implicitly
depending on whether certain libraries are found or not (see
addons/CMakeLists.txt). I was wondering if this shouldn't be made explicit
instead, with each plugin either being turned on/off explicitly in the
CMake script which determines whether it gets built or not.

Making building of plugins explicit prevents hard to trace builds where a
default build succeeds on two machines but may differ in features from one
machine to another depending on what other libraries are installed.

To achieve this, I could add an optional second parameter to
`ecm_add_optional_subdirectory` which takes ON/OFF as its value (just like
CMake's `option` command) and initializes the default value of
`ecm_add_optional_subdirectory`'s `BUILD_${_dir}` to that value. The
optional value would default to `ON` if not provided to keep backwards

Most plugins would be enabled by default so as  to not change anything
substantial for users but some plugins with more exotic dependencies might
be disabled by default instead.

Any thoughts?


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