D22595: implement text hint interface for automatic hover

Christoph Cullmann noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Sun Jul 21 11:47:40 BST 2019

cullmann added a comment.

  Ok, given this feature seems to be appreciated and the implementation ok, I will merge this.
  I will change the license header of the new files to MIT, there is no non-MIT code inside, given me and Mark are the only authors.
  For re-licensing the other parts:
  1. for all stuff you have done from scratch, just change the license, you can copy the header of these two new files (and perhaps change the author to just you)
  2. I will ask Olivier if he is ok, too, for his patches
  3. for the remaining files: I see some have copyright of other Kate/plugin authors, did you copy stuf over from other files? If stuff remains, we would need to revisit that. before touching there license headers.

  R40 Kate



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