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Christoph Cullmann christoph at cullmann.io
Sat Jul 20 18:50:53 BST 2019


>> Would that be ok for you?
> As also mentioned already (by now), evolving to a more modern/separate
> model/view approach makes good sense.
> On the one hand, I have a habit of having lower level (server) code
> use mostly lower (core) types.  Though on the other hand, any
> particular call is likely ever only to be used in one location (in a
> GUI plugin context), so using higher types there may avoid additional
> intermediate steps ...

I started my work on that, see


I will do for all larger changes now review requests, that way
we can discuss a bit more if my changes are ok and I won't give
you merge conflicts if you work on the same area of code ;=)

The same kind of model could be re-used by other parts, too,
btw., like for diagnostics, ...

Icon on demand cached, internal data as user-role and just the needed
text/... as QStandardItem data.


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